Feeling Better

While drug therapy is the most effective (and fastest) way to treat gout, diet and lifestyle modifications can help those who suffer from gout to feel better, and naturally preclude future flare-ups and recurrences, and reduce or eliminate the need for further drug therapy.

These modifications include:

  • Weight loss
  • Dietary restriction of purine intake
  • Elimination of alcohol consumption
  • Consistent hydration (drinking enough water)
  • Reduction of bodily trauma or over-exertion
  • Reduction of medications known to contribute to hyperuricemia

Some doctors prescribe colchicine preventatively, but caution should be taken with long-term use of this drug; although naturally occurring and safer in oral doses than intravenously, which is hardly ever used now, colchicine can cause myopathy, a serious neuromuscular syndrome, in patients with chronic kidney issues.

People with chronic hyperuricemia, and thus chronic gout, will require long-term commitment to drug therapy and lifestyle change, such that it is still necessary to make changes to one’s diet to prevent flares.